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Driving... Mass Transit, Biking & Carpooling
Fast & Easy Info
  • You can cut your weekly fuel costs in half and save wear and tear on your car if you take turns driving with other commuters.
  • You might also get to your destination faster if you carpool. Many urban areas allow vehicles with multiple passengers to use special High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes to bypass clogged, gas-burning freeway arteries.
  • According to the Union of Concerned Scientists , the most environmentally friendly way to commute (other than by walking or bicycling) is via intercity bus.
  • Commuting trips that are 5 miles or less in length could easily be covered by bicycle. Bicycles can travel hundreds of miles on no more than a thimbleful of oil.

Dollars & Sense Options

  carpooling sign

Having trouble arranging a carpool? Plug your zip code into Carpool Connect to find someone who wants to commute with you.

Looking to share a ride over a longer distance? Try www.eRideShare.com for cross-country and local listings.

Need mass transit options in your community or region? Start with your municipal government or metropolitan transit authority. By the way, some employers subsidize their employees' use of mass transit with programs like Washington , D.C. 's MetroChek. MetroChek is a farecard voucher system provided as an employee benefit by more than 2500 public and private employers in the Washington , D.C. metropolitan area, including the federal government. The MetroChek farecards are accepted by more than 100 bus, rail and vanpool commuter services in the region. Employees are not taxed for the value of the MetroCheks they receive, while employers can deduct the cost of providing the program as a business expense.

Flex cars and Zip cars make it easy for drivers to borrow a vehicle when they need one in lieu of owning their own. For the price of a membership, drivers get access to vehicles that are located near subway stations or bus stops. They also get insurance, gas, and often guaranteed parking places.


More and more employers are encouraging their employees to bicycle to work. You can learn about the options at www.biketowork.com

Need tips on how to set up a bicycle commute? Look no farther than the Bicycle Source.

For Your Shopping List:

Jennifer's Bicycle Commuting Suggestions contain a variety of recommendations if you need to buy and outfit a bike you can use to commute to work, shopping, friends and about town.

In My House

We live two blocks from a subway station, so most days our family uses mass transit to get to work and school. We can also put our bicycles on the subway if we want to combine mass transit and biking. There's a Flex Car parked at the subway, too, though we haven't had occasion to use it. If we ever give up our second car, the Flex Car might come in handy.

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Message for Moms

Janie Katz-Christy, a mother of three who lives in Cambridge , MA , is working with others in her community to encourage parents and kids to bike to school. Check out her blog. Maybe it will give you some ideas for your own neighborhood.

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