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Woman of the week...

Hi! My name's Erin . I'm from Ferndale, Michigan. I graduated in 2003 from Miami University in Oxford , Ohio with a B.A. in Political Science. This fall, I entered the University of Michigan School of Law. In between, my goal has been to work in a variety of organizations and locations in an attempt to “see” and “do” as much as possible. In these last few years, I've had wonderful opportunities to serve people, communities, and schools. I've also experienced many different and inspiring environments.

As a child, I was raised in a home that recognized how many problems people were creating for the earth. However, I was lucky enough to have parents who did their part to reduce our impact upon it. Long before the time of curbside recycling programs, my mother would stockpile recyclables in our basement and haul them out to remote recycling stations. She would pick up trash that peppered our walk to school and offer toilet paper rolls and empty yogurt cups as media for art projects. She shopped locally with cloth bags and encouraged me to walk or bike instead of ask for a ride.

In elementary school, I too, would pick up trash, occasionally enlisting the help of unsuspecting friends, and wrote my local gas station and city to set up more trash cans on street corners. Yet, it wasn't until I joined AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps that I felt I was really doing my part to protect the planet. My team re-built trails in Tennessee , picked up trash in the Florida Keys , and removed lots and lots of invasive species! Working “hands on” and spending so much time outside was so deeply satisfying to me that I went on to become a crew leader for the Southwest Conservation Corps. With the SCC I worked and camped in mostly remote areas of Arizona improving trails, fighting invasive species, and again, picking up lots and lots of trash! I also learned to rock climb and simply take a moment now and then to enjoy the beauty of nature.

One of the best parts about serving the environment is that I have met amazing people who have inspired and educated me. The learning experiences I have had along the way have made me realize just how complicated our society's “ungreen” practices are. While pollution can be overwhelming, I now feel empowered to do something about it. I hope law school will help guide me towards new opportunities to help our earth. I would love to become someone who can inspire and educate others, just as people in my life have generously done for me.

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