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Top Ten!

Holidays: Top Ten Tips

(reprint only with permission from Diane MacEachern)

  Holiday Top Ten


  1. Use durable plates, cups, silverware and napkins instead of disposables. You can buy holiday china at discount prices at dollar stores or thrift shops and use it many years over.
  2. Make it pot luck – guests will enjoy contributing to the feast and you'll save time, energy and money not preparing all the food. Set a theme everyone will appreciate. We have friends who host a popular vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner for the neighborhood every year. Others encourage their guests to bring dishes prepared with local ingredients.
  3. Invite guests electronically – it's quick, easy and saves on paper. You can build your guest list once, then make minor adjustments to it from year to year.


  1. Collect pinecones, boughs and branches to make garlands and table centerpieces; string popcorn and dried cranberries for your tree instead of using tinsel, which takes many years to decompose.
  2. Choose beeswax candles over those made from petroleum.
  3. Buy holiday lights made with energy-efficient LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, available from many major retailers.


  1. Give greener gifts: organic cotton clothing, locally produced food baskets, commuter friendly bus passes, tickets to events, shipments from a delicious organic fruit and veggie supplier.
  2. Donate to a friend's or loved one's favorite charity in their name.
  3. For gift wrapping, use the Sunday comics, recycled wrapping paper, or reusable fabric: a beautiful scarf, table cloth or towel. Reusable decorative bags and boxes offer another environmentally friendly option.


  1. However you celebrate the holidays, establish traditions that are most meaningful for you. Simplify the “stuff” so you can enjoy family, friends and the festivities around you.



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