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Big Green PurseVisit Big Green Purse!

www.biggreenpurse.com, our sister site, launched March 31. Check out great tips to fight global warming, give your purse a green makeover, and more ways to use the power of your purse to protect the planet. 

Read the Big Green Purse launch press release by clicking here.



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Read an excerpt of Beat High Gas Prices Now! in the March 2006 issue of Reader's Digest magazine, available on newsstands.

Look for our best gas-saving tips in First for Women, coming Summer, 2006.

Catch us on the radio. Beat High Gas Prices Now! has already been featured on dozens of talk shows, including Air America , WYMMM – Jacksonville 's Superstation, KOA in Denver , and ABC-Radio in Detroit .

Here's the scoop on Beat High Gas Prices Now!

“In "Beat High Gas Prices Now!" environmental lifestyle expert Diane MacEachern provides us with a whole host of tips on saving money and limiting the impact of our driving on the planet. The guide is written in a pithy, positive voice that, unlike many environmental missives, is free of guilt inducing language about the evils of driving and fossil fuel addiction. That isn't to say that Ms. MacEachern doesn't address the ecological consequences of cars, but she does so in a way that will make sense to drivers unused to considering the environmental implications of their everyday choices. I really like the book!  It is so straightforward and easy to digest and skim.  Perfect for budding treehuggers.
Erin Oliver, www.treehugger.com
- Treehugger.com (the largest environmental blog on the Web)

"Go out and buy 100 copies of this book. Keep one for yourself, and give the rest to everyone you know. Then read it cover to cover. You'll save all kinds of money, feel good about what you're doing to cut back on the amount of gasoline you use, and be amazed at how easy it is. This is the best gas-saving book I've ever seen. Don't waste any more time. Just go out and get it!"
Andy Johnson, Host, "Down to Business" and former member, Florida House of Representatives
- WYMM - Jacksonville 's Talk Superstation

Author of over 70 books on bargain shopping, Sue Goldstein, The Underground Shopper (R), loves a deal and tells all where to go to save the dough. But not only is she concerned about saving money, but saving energy, too. Says Sue: "Diane MacEachern's book is a great topic of conversation. She has done her homework. The book is an easy read, easy on the pocketbook, too. Diane has tracked down everything you need to know to make your gas dollars last longer and help you drive farther on a gallon of gas. Everyone needs to save money on gas and MacEachern offers the simplest, easiest read on how to do it. It's a quick read with lasting results. I'd say that alone is "such a deal!" As I've said before, Diane is the epitome of my own motto, "You don't have to be cheap to love a bargain...you have to be smart!"
 Sue Goldstein, host, The Underground Shopper, Air America Radio
- Aka "The Diva of Discounts"

"Beat High Gas Prices Now can't be beat when it comes to offering fast and easy ways to save money and gas. It's great for the environment and good for your pocketbook, too."
Kal Stein, President, Earth Share. Earth Share, whose 450 member organizations represent millions of Americans, is the nation's largest environmental federation
- Earth Share

“Diane MacEachern unlocks the secrets of saving money and the planet at the same time — while still getting where you want to go when you want to get there. If every driver would read this short but power-packed book, we might even start to put the brakes on global warming.”
Robert Engelman, board chair, Center for a New American Dream

"If there's any book that makes the case for "finding" fuel by driving smart instead of drilling new oil wells, this is it. Read it, use it, and pass it along."
Cindy Shogan, executive director, Alaska Wilderness League

"For some, 'energy security' means drilling for oil in the Arctic
Wildlife Refuge.  Diane MacEachern knows the real answer is in her 'six Ds' of smarter auto selection and use and, of course, the seventh "D" -- drilling for results around Detroit "
Kevin J. Coyle, Vice President for Education  National Wildlife Federation

"This practical and user-friendly guide to saving money at the pump will help ease the squeeze on consumer pocketbooks while also benefiting the environment and U.S. energy security.  The Alliance to Save Energy suggests many of the same smart-driving and vehicle-maintenance tips through our Powerful $avings campaign in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy."
Ronnie J. Kweller, deputy director of communications, Alliance to Save Energy

"Thanks for so many great ideas on how to save gas and money. I liked the book so much I bought 30 copies so I could share your tips with my friends and colleagues. What I especially like is that the book pays for itself almost immediately in savings at the pump. No more gas guzzling for me!"
David Burrows, President, Crescent Mortgage Company, Arlington , VA



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